St Hedwig

Hedwig, religious – October 16th

St Hedwig (d. 1243, Silesia, Poland) (Relics: Andechs, Germany; Berlin, Germany)

St Hedwig was both the Duchess of Silesia and a mother of seven children. Upon her husband’s death she joined a Cistercian convent where she died in 1243. She should not be confused with St Hedwig, Queen of Poland (1371-1399), who was canonized in 1987 and is buried in the Wawel Cathedral in Kraków, Poland.

First Class Relics

Kloster Andechs (Andechs’ Abbey)
Bergstraße 2
82346 Andechs, Germany
*In 1929 this abbey received a fragment of St Hedwig’s skull from Cardinal Bertram of Breslau. This relic can be viewed in the Holy Chapel. However, access is only permitted for those who have reserved a tour.
St Hedwigs Kathedrale (Saint Hedwig's Cathedral)
Hinter der Katholischen Kirche 3
10117 Berlin, Germany
*Some of St Hedwig’s relics rest in the Treasury of this church within a small silver-gilded statue of her likeness. She is depicted holding both the Blessed Virgin Mary and a model of the church. It was completed in 1513 by Andreas Heidecker.