St Gregory VII

Gregory VII, pope – May 25th

St Gregory VII (d. 1085, Salerno, Italy) (Relics: Salerno, Italy)

First Class Relics

Duomo di Salerno
(Salerno Cathedral)
Via Duomo 1
84121 Salerno, Italy
*Despite being the legitimate pope, St Gregory VII was forced out of Rome in 1084 as a result of his ties to the Normans and the political pressures created by the Holy Roman Emperor, Henry IV, and the antipope, Clement III. A year later St Gregory VII died in this city as an exile. His remains now rest under an altar in the right transept of this church.
*The relics of St Matthew were brought to Salerno in 954 AD. The city continues to celebrate the anniversary of the transfer of his relics with an annual festival on May 6th. Throughout the year his relics can be visited in the richly decorated crypt of this church.

Churches of Honor in Rome

San Gregorio Settimo
(Saint Gregory the Seventh)
Via del Cottolengo 4
Rome, Italy
*This is a modern church that is located near the Vatican. It is dedicated to St Gregory VII.