Sts Cosmas and Damian

Cosmas and Damian, martyrs - September 26th

Saints Cosmas and Damian (d. 287, Syria) (Relics: Rome, Italy; Munich, Germany)
Saints Cosmas and Damian suffered martyrdom during the beginning of the Diocletian persecutions around the year 287 AD. In life they were greatly respected as medical doctors who often offered their services free of charge. As a result many have adopted these two great saints as their patrons due to their connection to the medical field. In particular this was true for the powerful Medici family of Florence whose last name when translated to English means doctors. Thus Fra Angelico and other painters frequently depicted Saints Cosmas and Damian in the works commissioned by this family. (Due to the great popularity of these saints numerous shrines claim to have their relics. In addition to those listed in this work are St Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna, San Giorgio Maggiore in Venice, and a Convent of Poor Clares in Madrid)

First Class Relics

Santi Cosma e Damiano
(Saints Cosmas and Damian)
Via dei Fori Imperiali 1
Rome, Italy
*This church is located next to the Roman Forum.
*Relics of Saints Cosmas and Damian rest under the altar in the lower church.  Each year for the feast of Saints Cosmas and Damian these relics are brought out for public veneration.

Jesuitenkirche St. Michael
(Jesuit Church of Saint Michael)
Neuhauser Straße 6
80333 Munich, Germany
*The skulls of Saints Cosmas and Damian purportedly rest within an ornate reliquary chest placed within a chapel on the right side of the nave of this church.

Churches of Honor in Rome

San Giovanni Battista dei Fiorentini
(Saint John the Baptist of the Florentines)
Via Acciaioli 2
Rome, Italy
*This church is just east of the Vatican. It is next to the Tiber River and the Corso Vittorio Emanuele.
*The chapel in the right transept is dedicated to Saints Cosmas and Damian.
*A relic of St Mary Magdalene’s foot rests in a shrine to the left of the main sanctuary.

San Salvatore in Onda (The Holy Savior in the Deluge)
Via dei Pettinari 51
Rome, Italy
*This church is near Tiber Island.
*A painting of Saints Cosmas and Damian is above the altar to the right of the main sanctuary.
*The remains of St Vincent Pallotti (d. 1850) rest below the main altar.