St Thomas More

Thomas More, martyr – June 22nd

St Thomas More (d. 1535, London, United Kingdom) (Relics: London, United Kingdom; Canterbury, United Kingdom)

First Class Relics

Church of St Peter ad Vincula
Tower of London
EC3N 4AB, London, United Kingdom
*The headless bodies of St John Fisher and St Thomas More are said to rest in simple graves within the crypt of this church. Both of these saints were beheaded on Tower Hill in London.
St Dunstan’s Church
80 London Road
CT2 8LS Canterbury, United Kingdom
*The head of St Thomas More is said to rest in the Roper Vault of this church. His daughter, Margaret Roper, and his son-in-law, William Roper, are also believed to be buried in this church.

Churches of Honor in Rome

San Tommaso Moro
(Saint Thomas More)
Via dei Marrucini 1
Rome, Italy
*The church is outside of the Aurelian Walls and is just east of Termini. It is dedicated to St Thomas More.