St Rita of Cascia

Rita of Cascia, religious – May 22nd

St Rita of Cascia (d. 1457, Cascia, Italy) (Relics: Cascia, Italy)

First Class Relics

Santuario di Santa Rita da Cascia
(Sanctuary of Saint Rita of Cascia)
Viale Santa Rita 13
06043 Cascia, Italy
*The body of St Rita of Cascia is enshrined on the left side of the nave of this church. She was a wife and mother who later in life upon her husband’s death joined an Augustinian convent. In marriage she suffered greatly from her abusive husband. Thus today she is the patroness for all who suffer from abusive relationships.

Churches of Honor in Rome

Santa Rita da Cascia alle Vergine
(Saint Rita of Cascia at the Vergine)
Via del Umilta 83B
Rome, Italy
*This church is south of the Trevi Fountain. It is dedicated to St Rita of Cascia.
*A grotto honoring Our Lady of Lourdes is also located within a small room immediately on the left after entering.
Sant'Agostino (Saint Augustine)
Piazza Sant'Agostino
Rome, Italy
*This church is near Piazza Navona.
*The third chapel on the right side of the nave is dedicated to St Rita of Cascia.
*Relics of St Monica (d. 387) rest in the chapel to the left of the main altar.

Santa Maria del Popolo (Our Lady of the People)
Piazza del Popolo 12
Rome, Italy
*This church is at Piazza del Popolo.
*A chapel to the right of the main sanctuary is dedicated to St Rita of Cascia.