St Pius X

Pius X, pope - August 21st

St Pius X (d. 1914, Rome, Italy) (Relics: Rome, Italy)

First Class Relics

St Peter’s Basilica
Rome, Italy
Presentation Chapel
*Located on the left side of the nave between the Baptistry and the Wedding Chapel.
*The body of St Pius X rests under the altar in this chapel. He is known in particular for lowering the age of First Communion to the Age of Reason.

Churches of Honor in Rome

San Giuseppe al Trionfale
(Saint Joseph at the Trionfale)
Via Bernardino Telesio 4/B
Rome, Italy
*This church is located in the Trionfale district just north of the Vatican.
*The chapel to the left of the main sanctuary is dedicated to St Pius X.

Sant’Onofrio (Saint Onuphrius)
Piazza di Sant’Onofrio 2
Rome, Italy
*This church is on the Janiculum Hill.
*The second chapel on the left side of the nave is dedicated to St Pius X.