St Peter Damian

Peter Damian, bishop and doctor – February 21st

St Peter Damian (d. 1072, Faenza, Italy) (Relics: Faenza, Italy)

First Class Relics
Duomo di Faenza
(Faenza Cathedral)
Piazza XI Febbraio
48018 Faenza, Italy
*St Peter Damian was born in the nearby town of Ravenna yet always retained a strong connection to Faenza. It was here that he studied early in life and later where he founded a hermitage and a monastery. He was known in life as a reformer, a scholar, and a diplomat. He died in Faenza and his remains were interred in a monastery within this city. In 1826 they were transferred to the cathedral where they rest today. They can be found solemnly displayed within an urn in the sixth chapel on the left side of the nave.