St Peter Chrysologus

Peter Chrysologus, bishop and doctor – July 30th

St Peter Chrysologus (d. 450, Imola, Italy) (Relics: Imola, Italy)

First Class Relics

Cattedrale di San Cassiano
(Cathedral of Saint Cassian)
Piazza Duomo 1
40026 Imola, Italy
*St Peter Chrysologus was born in this city in 406 AD. He eventually became the Bishop of Ravenna and was known for his outstanding homilies. One hundred seventy-six of these homilies survive to this day.
*The remains of St Peter Chrysologus rest within an altar in the crypt of this church. Kindly ask the sacristan for access. The relics of St Peter Chrysologus are within the altar to the left. The more prominent central altar preserves a few bone fragments from the martyr St Cassian.