St Pancras

Pancras, martyr - May 12th

St Pancras (d. 4th century) (Relics: Rome, Italy)

First Class Relics

San Pancrazio (Saint Pancras)
Piazza San Pancrazio 5/D
Rome, Italy
*This church is west of Trastevere and was built on the site of St Pancras’ tomb.
*In 1798 a general under Napoleon Bonaparte invaded Rome and established the Roman Republic. During this time intruders entered the church of San Pancrazio and severely damaged the remains of St Pancras. His head, which was kept in the Basilica of St John Lateran from 850 to 1966, fortunately was left untouched. In 1966 Pope Paul VI returned this relic to San Pancrazio. It now rests within a reliquary bust on the right side of the nave.
*Additionally, a few relics of St Pancras and other early church martyrs are said to rest within the porphyry urn that makes up the base of the altar in the main sanctuary.