St Methodius

Methodius, bishop - February 14th

St Methodius (d. 885, Velehrad, Czech Republic)

Churches of Honor Outside of Rome

Velehrad Monastery
Stojanovo nádvoří 206,
687 06 Velehrad, Czech Republic
*After St Cyril’s death St Methodius returned to Moravia where he zealously spread the Faith until his passing in 885 AD. A church was subsequently constructed over his tomb. However, both the church and his tomb were later destroyed. This monastery now stands in proximity to St Methodius’ original resting place.

Churches of Honor in Rome

Basilica di San Clemente
(Basilica of Saint Clement)
Via di San Giovanni in Laterano / Piazza San Clemente
Rome, Italy
*This church is east of the Colosseum.
*A chapel on the right side of the nave is dedicated to Saints Cyril and Methodius. The relic of St Cyril found in the 1960’s rests within the altar of this chapel.
*Also the remains of St Ignatius of Antioch (d. 107) and of St Clement I (d. 97) rest below the main altar. On the feast of St Clement I a reliquary bust containing his skull is festively carried in procession through the streets of Rome.
San Girolamo dei Croati
(Saint Jerome of the Croatians)
Via Tomacelli 132
Rome, Italy
*This church is near the Tiber River just west of the Spanish Steps. It is not open often.
*The first chapel on the left side of the nave contains a painting that depicts Saints Cyril and Methodius giving the relics of St Clement I to Pope Adrian II.