St Martin de Porres

Martin de Porres, religious – November 3rd

St Martin de Porres (d. 1639, Lima, Peru) (Relics: Lima, Peru)

First Class Relics

Convento de Santo Domingo
(Convent of Saint Dominic)
Jr. Camaná 170
Lima, Peru
*The remains of three prominent Peruvian saints rest within this convent. The tomb of St Martin de Porres is located within a chapel in the convent’s second cloister. St Rose of Lima (d. 1617) is buried in the crypt below the Chapter House. Also located at this convent are the remains of St John Macías (d. 1645).

Churches of Honor in Rome

Santissima Trinita dei Spagnoli
(The Most Holy Trinity of the Spanish)
Via dei Condotti 41
Rome, Italy
*This church is near the Spanish Steps.
*A small statue of St Martin de Porres is in the first chapel on the right side of the nave.