St John of the Cross

John of the Cross, priest and doctor – December 14th

St John of the Cross (d. 1591, Ubeda, Spain) (Relics: Segovia, Spain; Ubeda, Spain)

First Class Relics

Monasterio de los Carmelitas Descalzos
(Monastery of the Discalced Carmelites)
Alameda de la Fuencisla
40003 Segovia, Spain
*The body of St John of the Cross rests within an ornate tomb in the church at this monastery. In life he was both a theologian and a mystic. His writings in these areas have made an enormous contribution to the modern understanding of the mystical experience.
Oratorio de San Juan de la Cruz /
Museo San Juan de la Cruz
(Oratory and Museum of Saint John of the Cross)
Calle Carmen 13
23400 Ubeda, Spain
*St John of the Cross died in this city. Shortly thereafter, his body was transferred to Segovia, Spain. In 1596 Pope Clement VIII agreed that some of his relics should be returned to Ubeda. These relics are now preserved within the sacristy of this church. Also within this church is the grave where his body originally rested before it was transferred to Segovia.

Churches of Honor in Rome

Santa Maria della Vittoria (Our Lady of the Victory)
Via XX Settembre 17     
Rome, Italy                                       
*This church is north of Piazza della Repubblica.
*The second chapel on the left side of the nave is dedicated to St John of the Cross.
*Also located in this church is Gian Lorenzo Bernini’s famous sculpture entitled The Ecstasy of St Teresa.