St Jerome Emiliani

Jerome Emiliani, priest – February 8th

St Jerome Emiliani (d. 1537, Somasca, Italy) (Relics: Somasca, Italy)

First Class Relics

Santuario di San Girolamo Emiliani
(Sanctuary of Saint Jerome Emiliani)
Via alla Basilica 1
23808 Vercurago, Italy
*This church honors the memory of St Jerome Emiliani. It was here in this city that he founded the Somascan Fathers with the primary mission of caring for orphans. During his feast on February 8th the Somascan Fathers present to the faithful an urn containing his skull. His bones rest behind a grate placed upon a wall within the chapel dedicated to him on the right side of the nave.
*The spot where St Jerome Emiliani died is preserved within a small chapel located just a short walk from the church. Also of note is the small sanctuary called the Valletta located along a path that rises above this town. Further along this same path is an abandoned fortress called the Rocca dell’Innominato which provides an amazing view of both the Southern Alps and of Italy’s northern lakes.

Churches of Honor in Rome

Santa Maria in Aquiro (Our Lady in Aquiro)
Via della Guglia 69/B
Rome, Italy
*This church is near the Pantheon.
*The fourth chapel on the left side of the nave is dedicated to St Jerome Emiliani. The community that he founded, the Somascan Fathers, administer the parish.