St George

George, martyr - April 23rd

St George (d. 303, Lydda, Palestine) (Relics: Lod, Israel; Rome, Italy)

First Class Relics

Church of St George
Lod (Lydda), Israel
*St George was an early Christian martyr who died in this city. Many shrines throughout the world now claim possession of his relics. Preserved within the crypt of this church are St George’s original tomb and a few relics accredited to him.

San Giorgio in Velabro
(Saint George in Velabro)
Via del Velabro 19
Rome, Italy
*This church is just east of Tiber Island.
*Part of the skull of St George rests beneath the main altar.
*History is filled with legends surrounding this early Christian martyr. The most famous involves him slaying a dragon. Critical research in the last century has upheld the existence of St George; however, it has cast doubts upon many of his legendary accounts. (Note: Other shrines throughout the world also claim to have the relic of his skull.)