St Denis

Denis, bishop and martyr – October 9th

St Denis (d. 3rd century, Paris, France) (Relics: Saint-Denis, France)

A sensational legend holds that after St Denis was beheaded he picked up his own head and miraculously carried it to the place where he wanted to be buried. Therefore, in art he is often depicted as holding his own head in his hands.

First Class Relics

Cathédrale de Saint-Denis (Cathedral of Saint Denis)
1 Place de la Legion d’Honneur
93200 Saint-Denis, France
*Tradition claims that this church was erected over the tomb of St Denis.
*For centuries the remains of St Louis also rested in this church. However, during the French Revolution these remains were destroyed. Only a finger, now kept within this church, is preserved.

Churches of Honor in Rome

San Luigi dei Francesi (Saint Louis of the French)
Piazza San Luigi dei Francesi 5
Rome, Italy
*This church is near Piazza Navona.
*The first chapel on the right side of the nave is dedicated to St Denis. The altarpiece in this chapel depicts St Denis restoring sight to a blind man.

Basilica of St Paul Outside the Walls
Via Ostiense 186
Rome, Italy
*This basilica is south of the Aurelian Walls.
*In the right transept is a small chapel dedicated to St Lawrence. Above the altar in this chapel is a marble triptych depicting St Anthony, St Denis, and St Justina.
*St Paul is also buried in the confessio. Above his tomb are the chains that were used to imprison him prior to his martyrdom. These chains were placed in this prominent location in 2008.