St Charles Borromeo

Charles Borromeo, bishop – November 4th

St Charles Borromeo (d. 1584, Milan, Italy) (Relics: Rome, Italy; Milan, Italy)

First Class Relics

Duomo di Milano
(Cathedral of Milan)
Piazza del Duomo 18
20122 Milano, Italy
*The remains of St Charles Borromeo rest within the crypt of this church. Access to this crypt is located on the right side of the main sanctuary. St Charles was a greatly beloved bishop of this city during the late 16th century.
*Located below this church is an ancient baptistery. It was here that St Ambrose baptized St Augustine in 387 AD.

San Carlo al Corso
(Saint Charles on the Corso)
Via del Corso 437
Rome, Italy
*This church is near the Spanish Steps.
*The heart of St Charles Borromeo rests in a reliquary within the altar located behind the sanctuary.

Churches of Honor in Rome

San Carlo ai Catinari (Saint Charles at the Catinari)
Piazza Benedetto Cairoli 117
Rome, Italy
*This church is near the Largo di Torre Argentina. It is dedicated to St Charles Borromeo.
*The painting above the main altar depicts St Charles Borromeo leading a procession of the faithful.

San Carlo alle Quattro Fontane
(Saint Charles at the Four Fountains)
Via del Quirinale 23
Rome, Italy
*This church is south of the Barberini metro stop. It is a small Baroque church created by Francesco Borromini. It is dedicated to St Charles Borromeo.

Chiesa Nuova (The New Church)
Via del Governo Vecchio 134
Rome, Italy
*This church is along the Corso Vittorio Emanuele.
*The chapel to the right of the main sanctuary is dedicated to St Charles Borromeo.
*The body of St Philip Neri (d. 1595) is enshrined in the left transept.
*His private rooms can be visited on certain days of the week. They are located in the right wall of the left transept.