St Boniface

Boniface, bishop and martyr – June 5th

St Boniface (d. 754, Dokkum, Netherlands) (Relics: Fulda, Germany)

First Class Relics

Fuldaer Dom
(Fulda Cathedral)
Eduard-Schick-Platz 3
36037 Fulda, Germany
*Part of the skull of St Boniface rests on an altar located within the museum of this church. A mitre is positioned upon this relic.
*The tomb of St Boniface rests in the crypt chapel directly below the main sanctuary. The relief on the side of his tomb shows St Boniface rising from his grave as he pushes the cover off of his coffin. The majority of his relics are presumed to be located within this tomb. However, some of his relics have been distributed as gifts over the centuries.
*Other cities that hold St Boniface in great honor include the two Dutch cities of Dokkum and Groningen and the two German cities of Fritzlar and Mainz.