St Bernard

Bernard, abbot and doctor – August 20th

St Bernard (d. 1153, Clairvaux, France) (Relics: Troyes, France)

First Class Relics

Cathédrale de Troyes (Troyes Cathedral)
Place Saint-Pierre
10000 Troyes, France
*During the 13th century this church acquired an impressive collection of relics and artifacts that had been looted from the churches of Constantinople in 1204. During the French Revolution, however, many of these relics and historic treasures were destroyed and the church itself was converted into a Temple of Reason. The church has since then been returned to sacred use and is known in particular for its expansive and impressive stained glass windows.
*One of the significant relics still preserved by this church is part of the skull of St Bernard. This relic can be found in the Treasury of this church.

Churches of Honor in Rome

Tre Fontane (The Three Fountains)
Via Acque Salvie 1
Rome, Italy
*Located south of the Aurelian Walls.
*There are three churches located at this shrine, one of which is the church of Santa Maria Scala Coeli. This is the first church on the right as one enters. A crypt below the main sanctuary is believed to be the location where St Paul was imprisoned prior to his martyrdom. Also in this crypt St Bernard had a vision of souls entering heaven by a ladder, hence the name of the church which in English means Our Lady Stairway to Heaven.
*A second church on this property, San Paolo alle Tre Fontane, is believed to mark the spot of St Paul’s martyrdom. This is the church located on the backside of the property. Legend says that after St Paul was decapitated his head bounced three times and with each bounce a fountain of water sprang up.  Three grated areas along the eastern wall of this church cover up the locations of these three fountains. Also within this church is the column to which St Paul was bound and the table upon which he died.

San Bernardo alle Terme (Saint Bernard at the Baths)
Via Torino 94
Rome, Italy
*This church is north of Piazza della Repubblica. It is dedicated to St Bernard.
*A very moving painting depicting a mystical vision of St Bernard being embraced by the crucified Christ is on the right side. It was completed by Giovanni Odazzi in the early 18th century.
Santissimo Nome di Maria al Foro Traiano
(The Most Holy Name of Mary at Trajan’s Forum)
Piazza Foro Traiano 89
Rome, Italy
*This church is near Trajan’s column just east of Piazza Venezia.
*The second chapel on the left side of the nave is dedicated to St Bernard.