St Basil the Great

Basil the Great, bishop and doctor - January 2nd

St Basil the Great (d. 379, Caesarea) (Relics: Mount Athos, Greece; Bruges, Belgium)

First Class Relics

Monastery of Great Lavra
Mount Athos, Greece
*This monastery is located at the southeastern foot of Mount Athos.
*The skull of St Basil the Great rests in this monastery.

Basiliek van het Heilig Bloed
(Basilica of the Holy Blood)
Burg 13
8000 Bruges, Belgium
*For the past 750 years this church has preserved a precious relic of the Holy Blood of Jesus Christ. Veneration of this relic occurs every Friday in this basilica and culminates with a grand procession on the Solemnity of the Ascension.
*The lower chapel of this church is dedicated to St Basil. Within this chapel to the left of the choir is an even smaller chapel dedicated to St Yves. It is within this chapel that a relic of St Basil rests. It was brought here during the first part of the 12th century.

Churches of Honor in Rome

St Peter’s Basilica
Rome, Italy
Altar of St Basil - Located within the confessional area on the back side of the first column.
*The mosaic above this altar depicts St Basil celebrating Holy Mass. The original painting that this mosaic replaced hangs within the Roman church Santa Maria degli Angeli.
*The remains of St Josaphat also lie below this altar.

San Basilio agli Orti Sallustiani
(Saint Basil at the Sullstian Gardens)
Via di San Basilio 51/A
Rome, Italy
*This church is northeast of the Barberini metro stop. It is dedicated to St Basil.