St Anthony Zaccaria

Anthony Zaccaria, priest – July 5th

St Anthony Zaccaria (d. 1539, Cremona, Italy) (Relics: Milan, Italy)

First Class Relics

San Barnaba (Saint Barnabas)
Via della Commenda 5
20122 Milan, Italy
*In this city St Anthony Zaccaria founded the Congregation of the Regular Clerks of St Paul commonly referred to as the Barnabites.
*St Anthony Zaccaria’s short life was marked by great compassion for the poor and an equally strong desire to share the Word of God. Just prior to his canonization in 1897 his remains were placed within the crypt of this church. Today some of these remains still rest within this church. They are placed within the statue of his likeness that rests below the main altar of this church. A majority of his relics, however, have been distributed to other Barnabite communities throughout the world.

Churches of Honor in Rome

San Carlo ai Catinari (Saint Charles at the Catinari)
Piazza Benedetto Cairoli 117
Rome, Italy
*This church is near the Largo di Torre Argentina. For many centuries it was run by the Barnabites. The third chapel on the left side of the nave is dedicated to their founder, St Anthony Zaccaria.