Region #5: Quirinale

A Guide For The Pilgrim in Rome

Region #5

Within the Quirinale region you will experience the hustle and bustle of normal Roman life. Seldom will you find a quaint and picturesque little side street.  Despite this added noise this region still offers its own unique beauty and is marked by several very important churches.

The Route

Begin this walking route at Santa Maria degli Angeli just off of Piazza della Repubblica. After a visit to this large church continue northwest to Santa Maria della Vittoria. Near this church are several other churches worthy of a visit including Santa Susanna and San Bernardo alle Terme. After visiting these churches head southwest along Via XX Settembre and Via del Quirinale to reach Sant’Andrea al Quirinale. Also worth a visit along this street is the beautiful piazza in front of the Quirinale. The final church on this route, San Lorenzo in Panisperna, can be visited by heading southeast on Via Milano.

The following churches are listed according to the order of the suggested route.  The total distance is about 1 mile. To walk will probably take about 2.5 hours if one visits each of the churches. The churches are generally open from 7AM-1PM and from 4PM-7PM. San Lorenzo in Panisperna is generally open only for Mass on Sunday.
Santa Maria degli Angeli
(Our Lady of the Angels)
Piazza della Repubblica
Rome, Italy
*This church is at Piazza della Repubblica. It is a very spacious church built over the Baths of Diocletian.
*Many angels are depicted within this church. The most prominent are the two angels that gracefully support shell-shaped holy water fonts near the entrance to the church. Also in the main sanctuary is a 16th century painting that depicts seven angels surrounding the Blessed Virgin Mary. An additional pair of sculpted angels then surround this painting.

Santa Maria della Vittoria
(Our Lady of the Victory)
Via XX Settembre 17
Rome, Italy
*This church is north of Piazza della Repubblica.
*Located here is Gian Lorenzo Bernini’s famous sculpture entitled The Ecstasy of St Teresa.

Sant'Andrea al Quirinale
(Saint Andrew at the Quirinale)
Via del Quirinale 29
Rome, Italy
*This church is south of the Barberini metro stop. It was designed by Gian Lorenzo Bernini.
*The remains of St Stanislaus Kostka (d. 1568), a young Jesuit novice who died in Rome at the age of seventeen, rest here. The room in which he died has been converted into a chapel and can be visited by asking the sacristan.

San Lorenzo in Panisperna
(Saint Lawrence in Panisperna)
Via Panisperna 90
Rome, Italy
*This church is west of the Basilica of St Mary Major. It is often closed during the week. However, it is always open for the faithful during Sunday liturgies.
*This church rests over the spot of St Lawrence’s martyrdom (d. 258). A chapel built under the porch marks where it occurred. Within this chapel is the oven that was used to roast St Lawrence alive.
*Within the church the second chapel on the left side of the nave is dedicated to St Bridget (d. 1373). Her body was originally buried in this chapel before being moved to Sweden. She used to beg for alms for the poor outside of this church and prayed before the crucifix by the main altar.